Marathi Love Quotes


  • The Indic language of the Marathas, spoken by about 60 million people in Maharashtra and elsewhere
  • an Indic language; the state language of Maharashtra in west central India; written in the Devanagari script
  • Carey, Serampore, 1810, 8vo: Kennedy, Bombay, 1824, fol.: Jugunnauth Shastri Kramavant, Bombay, 1829-1831, 4to, 3 vols.: Molesworth, ib. 1831, 4to; 2nd ed. 1847, 4to; ed. Candy, Bombay, 1857, 4to, 957 pages; abridged by Baba Padmanji, ib. 1863, 8vo; 2nd ed.
  • (मराठी) is one of the widely spoken languages of India, and has a long literary history. In Maharashtra state about 70 million people speak Marathi.


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marathi love quotes

marathi love quotes – Marathi

This is a complete grammatical description of Marathi, which belongs to the Indo-European family and is spoken in Maharashtra State in India. It has around 45 million speakers, who comprise about eight per cent of the total population of India. Marathi is particularly interesting from the point of view of its structure: it is a blending of linguistic features of the Indo-European and Dravidian language families. Marathi provides fascinating data for the study of language typology, structural change, and language universals. Marathi is presented in a broad, universally intelligible framework which makes it accessible to linguists and non-linguists, and native and non-native speakers alike.

shankupushpam/butterfly pea/ Clitoria terneata/Kulhadhirimaa (Divehi) Butterfly pea, blue pea vine, mussel-shell climber, pigeon wings (English) Aparajita (Hindi) Nagar hedi (Kannada) Sankhupushpam (M

shankupushpam/butterfly pea/ Clitoria terneata/Kulhadhirimaa (Divehi) Butterfly pea, blue pea vine, mussel-shell climber, pigeon wings (English) Aparajita (Hindi) Nagar hedi (Kannada) Sankhupushpam (M
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marathi kavita tuzya aswask

marathi kavita tuzya aswask
marathi kavita chitrkavita gajanan mule मराठी कविता चित्रकविता चारोळ्या

marathi love quotes

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